Intelligent human body analysis scale, black

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This anthropometric scale is a scale tailored for anyone who consciously leads a healthy life. It is equipped with BIA technology to accurately determine body values such as body fat, moisture, muscle mass and BMI (body mass index). Linked with a dedicated application, all your personal body and fitness data can be conveniently transferred to one place.

this body analysis scale with large LCD display is easy to read. The modern slim design is equipped with non-slip feet to ensure the stability of the scale on the ground. Stand safely on the large platform of the scale made of safety glass. After stepping on the scale, the weight will be accurately displayed as 100 grams (not exceeding 180 kg).

useful energy comprising a switching function. This human body analysis scale is also equipped with automatic user identification and can accommodate up to 8 people-very suitable for multi-person households and families. Including battery.

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